Dance Screen On Tour


General Information

Bringing dance films to a wider public and providing exposure beyond the festival circuit for dance in film and video is the
motivation for dance screen on tour. This unique, non-profit and entirely non-commercial initiative was created in 1999 by
IMZ in association with the SK Culture Foundation, Cologne.

Following on from the successful dance screen 1999, 2000, 2002 and dance screen 2005, the winning productions as
well as a selection of former dance screen highlights will tour various cities in Europe and Overseas. The on-tour
programme is offered to festival organisers and dance/film institutions who want to include dance films in their line up.

IMZ and the SK Culture Foundation would like to thank
Amerimage Equipe Spectra, Arts Council of England, BBC Classical Music, Boomtown Media, CCCP, Simon Corder,
Czech Television, Thierry de Mey, Digital Classics, DV8 Films, EuroArts International, Flim Flam Films, Heure Exquise!,
Idéale Audience, IdTV, Industria Produzione, INA, Octavio Iturbe, Kaeja Dance, Lichtspiel Entertainment, Shelly Love,
Lux Distribution, Pascal Magnin, Katrina McPherson, Navigator Film, NPS Hilversum, Angela Pread, Miranda Pennell,
Rhombus International, South East Dance, Jacob Stage, Stuck Productions, Total Film, Uni France, Spectacle
Productions, The Physical TV Company, Alexander van der Meer, Nikki Weston, and ZDF Enterprise for their kind and
generous support.

For further information please visit or contact the IMZ/Marion Mangeng at, Tel. +43-1-889 03 15-13 or or contact the SK Stiftung Kultur/Rita Kramp at, Tel. +49-221-226 5756


The dance screen on tour organisers shall:

– organise the tour
– put together a programme
– clear the licenses
– provide the video-cassettes and information material

The local organisers are being offered a choice of different dance screen on tour reels, from which they can
choose. More detailed information on the programmes see on

dance screen 2005 – best of live performance relay
1a Ashton at 100 – Fred’s Steps (138 mins.)
1b Foi (89 mins)
1c Rhythm is it! – The Dance Performance (Le Sacre du Printemps) (39 mins.)

dance screen 2005 – best of camera re-work
2a Amelia (60 mins.)
2b Blush (52 mins.) (Screening territory France is excluded!)
2c The Cost of Living (34 mins.)

dance screen 2005 – best of screen choreography (not longer than 15 minutes)
3 Aeroplane Man, Gold, Montevideoaki, Rewind, Scratch, Together (40 mins.)

dance screen 2005 – best of screen choreography (over 15 minutes)
4a Ma Mère L’Oye (28 mins.)
4b Marcia Haydée as “Penelope” (23 mins.)

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